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Get to the Future Quicker with Next-Gen IoT Platform

IoT (Internet of Things) has always remained a topic that has ensued many debates. Although as a technology, it has been prevalent in the industry for quite some time, it is only now we are seeing its true advantages. It is being employed in various industries, primarily in agriculture, healthcare and insurance with positive results. Many Internet of Things companies have emerged as true pioneers for the future. But all of them are heavily dependent on a constantly evolving IoT platform that supports consistent IoT development.

The Need for a Next-Gen IoT Platform

Telecom operators, be it MNO or MVNO, perform the task of bringing services to the market. But there are a lot of telecom B/OSS and billing requirements that need to be managed for deriving constant revenue via subscribers. Also, there is a need for versatile IoT data connectivity in various IoT use cases, which has become a pivotal part of an IoT platform.

The various IoT sensors and devices that are connected in the IoT universe are always operational, transmitting large volume of data between each other. This makes them susceptible to hack attacks. Unlike our laptops and mobile phones that we use directly under our supervision, IoT devices operate independently of the user input. Hence, security has also become an integral component of an IoT platform.

Improve IoT Business Solutions with a Symbiotic Partnership

To leverage IoT for maximum business gains, it is essential to find a partner that can help you with a quality IoT platform. Choosing the services of a competent vendor like Secure IoT Services provides you access to the following services, which can be fruitful for your business operation:

Constantly upgraded security

Both IoT devices and IoT transmissions are secured by using best industry practices. You get a unique public IP address and a robust encryption is used for preventing breach of the signal. The security is constantly upgraded, so that if there is any new security threat, it can be countered immediately.

Tracking and charging of millions and millions of transactions

In an IoT use case, there are always large volumes of transactions that need to be tracked constantly. They also need to be charged and rated for billing operations. Therefore, the vendor requires a next-gen OCS that performs true real-time charging of IoT services.

At Secure IoT Services, we constantly innovate and upgrade our IoT platform to meet unique business requirements. We have already worked on a number of projects and delivered successfully.

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