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Find the Right IoT Platform for your MVNO and Stay Future-Safe

Understanding the pulse of the market is very important for any business operation. In order to get ahead of the competition, it is vital for entrepreneurs to analyze what is happening and plan accordingly. The same is true for an MVNO, which is a small fish in the big pond. In order to compete with the bigger players in the market, an MVNO has to conceptualize exciting offers for its subscribers. To do that, it has to look at the future. In the coming years, IoT and 5G are expected to shape up the future of mobile operators. So, a growing MVNO should look to procure a capable IoT platform to provision, monetize, monitor and deliver its next-gen IoT offerings.

Important Characteristics of Next-Gen IoT Platform

There are certain attributes that an IoT platform needs to have for it to be effective for a modern-day MVNO:

Real-time billing

Nowadays, real-time billing is an important consideration for mobile operators. But when it comes to IoT, real-time billing is an absolute must. Internet of Things companies need to use an IoT platform that is powered by an Online Charging System (OCS). It is an upgrade on the traditional OFCS and allows vast number of IoT transactions to be charged in real-time. Hence, every service is charged and there are no gaps in billing.

Complete reporting

To make the most of IoT, MVNOs need to market their services correctly. For that, they need reports about every service usage by their subscribers. With highly efficient reporting, it is possible to understand the preferences of the users and come up with exciting plans that attract them. Telgoo5 offers reporting and analytics functionality as part of their MVNO support platform. Such an MVNO solution allows operators to run as many reports as they want on every facet of their telecom operation.

Processing of large amount of transactions

An MVNO’s IoT platform should be able to perform millions and millions of transactions every day. It needs to be highly tolerant to faults and based on cloud with multiple servers and load balancers. Telgoo5 provides one of the most robust IoT platforms for crunching large volume of transactions. It is a safe, secure and robust solution that you can depend upon completely.

Telgoo5 provides some of the best solutions for Internet of Things companies, especially MVNOs who are trying hard to make a name in the market. Our solutions are secured with the latest encryption, and we always upgrade the security so that user data stays safe from unauthorized access. Our customer support is available round-the-clock and 365 days of a year.

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