Create an Unbeatable MVNO Strategy with Proven IoT Services Provider

IoT can be a hard nut to crack for MVNOs with traditional billing and B/OSS platforms. The scope of IoT is immense and requires proven expertise in the telecom domain. For an MVNO, the challenge is to grow its capabilities in a range of different verticals and at the same time come up with innovative business tactics. However, doing both at the same time can be a huge struggle for small virtual operators. Therefore, they need the help of proven IoT services provider.

How an IoT Services Provider can Help?

IoT services require a range of multi-domain expertise. Apart from that, it is essential that the platform you are using is stable. Because of the exceedingly large number of transactions, IoT services put great load on the system. A platform like Telgoo5 can help you in overcoming this challenge and at the same time let your MVNO access different verticals:

Convergent real-time billing

Most IoT services happen in real-time. Therefore, it is impossible to monetize them with traditional OFCS (Offline Charging System). A real-time OCS (Online Charging System) is an indispensable requirement. Not only an OCS charges every transaction in milliseconds after they happen, it also implements threshold credit limits. Therefore, the subscribers only pay what they have subscribed for and always get complete transparency in their service usage.

Processing of millions and millions of transactions

The number of IoT transactions is always large. To ensure that these transactions happen without breaking the system, you need highly fault-tolerant servers with load balancers. At Telgoo5, you get a tried and tested IoT platform that can handle vast amount of transactions without any issue.

Cutting-edge functionalities

Although IoT is a revolutionary technology, it is still evolving in its implementation. New features are added to IoT operations and the 3GPP standards are always changing. So, if you are in the US, you need to be abreast of all the latest rulings by regulatory bodies in the country. Telgoo5 is an IoT services provider in New York that keeps itself in sync with the latest developments and makes the necessary changes to its IoT platform accordingly.


For an IoT services provider, it is crucial to implement security without fail. As IoT devices work autonomously, they are susceptible to hackers’ threat and security breaches. Telgoo5 provides a flawless and secure platform that is always encrypted. At Telgoo5, we provide you complete reporting of every transaction and user interaction, so that you always stay abreast of what is happening. We provide every connection a unique public IP address to improve IoT security.

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