Evolve MVNO Services Faster with a Next-Gen IoT Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) as a technology is still in its infancy, but it has already made a major impact on many lives and business operations. Industries like agriculture and healthcare are already utilizing the power of IoT to create maximum impact in people’s lives. Also, we have many home improvement systems, home surveillance systems etc. that are enhancing the quality of life for the future. But IoT is a technology with unbridled potential and unknown requirements Therefore, it needs to be backed by a consistently upgraded IoT platform.

Improve IoT Business with IoT Services Provider

For an MVNO, IoT presents a great challenge as it requires it to grow across multiple verticals. Below are some of those verticals:

Flexibility with IoT data connectivity

Connectivity presents the biggest challenge, especially in the future. As the IoT devices grow rampantly, there will come a time when the Internet data will be on the verge of exhaustion. It is at that time; companies will require versatile connectivity solutions like LoRA and SigFox to fulfill the requirements. For example, if you have multiple sensors with power consumption as a business constraint, then low power solutions can be used to provide basic connectivity and reduce the electricity bills and bandwidth consumption. The same way, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID etc. will be extensively used for fulfilling short-range connectivity requirements. Versatile connectivity solutions will help fulfill the data crunch and at the same time provide better value for money.

New IoT functionalities

IoT services providers need to add new functionalities to fulfill unforeseen requirements. For example, it is impossible to update the software on multiple IoT sensors and devices by going to their physical location. In such a case, Over the Top (OTA) firmware upgrade provides a better option to the IoT business owners. In the same vein, the IoT platform should be proactive to identify needs and fulfill them.

Vast IoT billing requirements

IoT billing is not easy, simply because of the vast magnitude of IoT transactions. A robust Online Charging System (OCS) is required to ensure every IoT transaction is tracked, charged and rated. This would ensure no discrepancy in billing, which will ultimately help an MVNO grow.

Secure IoT Services provide the best way to fulfill present day and future IoT requirements. We are an IoT services provider in New York with significant experience in this domain. Our IoT solutions are completely secure and constantly updated to meet the new industry requirements.

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