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Get Over the Challenge of IoT with the Best Internet of Things Connectivity Provider

IoT can be quite a challenge for a telecom operator, especially a small one like an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). It requires an MVNO to grow in different verticals at the same time, so it can maintain good quality of service to its customers. IoT is a technology, in which, you cannot be half-hearted. From connectivity to IoT billing, you need to get everything right. This is why you need a comprehensive internet of things connectivity provider who is also a master of managing the entire telecom platform.

Why IoT is Such a Challenge?

Unlike other telecom services like broadband, mobility, voice etc., IoT is a self-sustained technology. The fact that it is based on the communication of IoT sensors and devices makes it a major security challenge. End-to-end encryption is one of the most basic requirements, but it also requires a robust infrastructure for consistent delivery. Some other challenges of IoT are:

Diverse IoT data connectivity requirements

The fastest IoT data connectivity is not always ideal. An MVNO needs to have the relevant connectivity solution for its clients. When there are several sensors with low threshold of holding charge, you need a type of connectivity that does not dissipate the charge fast. So, instead of high-speed data, you need SigFox or LoRa. The same way, in a commercial retail store, you would require Bluetooth and RFID tech, instead of high-speed wireless or mobile data connectivity. As an MVNO cannot source all the connectivity solutions by itself, it needs the support of a telecom services partner like SecureIoTServices.

Tracking and charging of voluminous IoT transactions

IoT is only valuable to a vendor, if it can track every transaction and monetize the technology in attractive service packages. To do this, it requires a real-time charging platform that charges and rates a telecom service the moment it is used by a subscriber. Any delay can lead to miscalculation and errors in billing, which are simply not acceptable in today’s highly competitive telecom industry.

As IoT development keeps on growing and new solutions keep on entering the market, an MVNO requires to maintain its platform accordingly. It needs next-gen IoT services that are built for the present but can also accommodate the future requirements.

At SecureIoTServices, we offer a superior IoT platform that is fully secure and highly efficient. It allows MVNOs to create attractive IoT plans, ensure secure data connectivity and bill accurately.

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