Critical Role of Internet of Things Connectivity Provider in IoT Advancement

IoT is one of the most promising technologies in the telecom industry. According to a forecast by IDC, the number of IoT devices is expected to rise to 41.6 billion. This estimated growth is going to generate 79.4 zettabytes of data, which is going to make the management of IoT platform more difficult than ever before. We, at SecureIoTservices, are an internet of things connectivity provider with long-term experience of delivering telecom services to clients across the globe.

Secure and Consistent IoT Connectivity

With so many devices connected via IoT network, information flows in all directions over the air interface. This information contains vital information including customers’ account details, which simply cannot be compromised. As the threat of hackers looms large, it is essential to employ robust security measures to guarantee safe IoT transactions. At SecureIoTservices, we understand this requirement of our clients and take security threats very seriously. For starters, we provide a unique public IP for every connection to restrict unauthorized access. We also have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to every carrier. And, we employ best in class encryption at the start of every connection to ensure that data transfers between IoT devices are always done safely.

We understand that an IoT network cannot provide the desired results without consistency in data connectivity. Therefore, we have setup a comprehensive network that you can rely on completely. Some of our IoT connectivity comes from wired devices and sensors, but mostly it is provided by our completely reliable Vcare Digital platform. Our low latency connection suits complex business use cases, in which, any delay in data transfer can lead to a breakdown of the network.

Internet of Things Connectivity Provider and Foolproof Billing

At SecureIoTservices, we use a top of the line online charging system that is capable of charging customers in real-time. Our OCS is ideal for charging a large number of IoT transactions flawlessly. The CDR-based OCS allows for both online and offline charging of transactions. We are capable of managing hundreds of billing profiles with over thousand different combinations. Our real-time usage monitoring tracks complete customer lifecycles. We also ensure that our end users never exhaust their allotted quota of IoT data by enforcing data speed throttling diligently.

The OCS that we provide to our clients can be used for both session- and event-based charging. It also has an ABMF (Account and Balance Management Function) that stores vital customer information like house address, credit card, email address details etc. Whenever a subscriber uses telecom services like IoT data or SMS, the consumed amount is subtracted from the allotted quota and the balance is updated.

We offer an IoT platform that is capable of tracking millions of transactions without fail. We have over 1 million subscribers in our database and we can handle more than one thousand user logins at any given time.

Partner Management, Analytics and a Lot More

We provide APIs for different use cases to make your job easier. Our APIs are connected to all the major payment gateways and shipping carriers. Whether you want to supply your IoT SIM cards to your customers or utilize our partner payment gateways for collecting payments, all you have to do is just log on via our event-driven APIs. No need to go running around searching for new partners, our clients can simply plug and play using their credentials.

Our unique IoT platform comes with analytics embedded into the system. The business analytics functionality can be used to analyze customer-generated data for business gains. Our AI-powered platform derives business-critical insights from user behavior. These insights can be used to develop innovative business strategies for attracting new subscribers. By partnering with Telgoo5, you also get access to all the reports through a custom slave database that is directly updated by a master database. Our clients can run as many reports as they want, just about anytime they want.

Track Inventory Smartly

For telcos to grow in the IoT domain, it is crucial to improve inventory management. IoT requires MVNOs to extend their outreach across different verticals, which puts them in a testing situation. They have to manage a variety of hardware and software resources, for which, they might not have the required in-house expertise. In such a situation, a well-accomplished Internet of Things connectivity provider can be a real difference maker.

At Telgoo5, you get state-of-the-art inventory management capabilities. Have a look at some of them:

  • Ability to track and administer a variety of IoT devices and sensors along with SIMs
  • Monitoring of IoT and M2M connectivity equipment at a granular level
  • Rigorous and accurate monitoring of inventory when it is deployed on the field
  • Easy to assign different types of inventory items on the field
  • Reconciliation of disputes related with inventory management
  • Convenient to reassign inventory on the field

Telgoo5 supports three levels of inventory management and also allows MVNOs to calculate commissions. By monitoring every item in your inventory, Telgoo5 helps you minimize losses due to theft and inventory misplacement.

Self-Service Portals

Modern-day users are well-informed about technologies, and desire complete hands-on control on their telecom services. Especially millennials and youngsters are keen on creating their own service packages and plans. As IoT is a versatile technology and M2M connectivity requirements can be different for different people, it makes sense to give the subscribers the power to create their plans themselves.

At Telgoo5, not only our clients get the applications for sales force, but even the customers get independent login. This functionality allows subscribers to stack up different services, exactly as per their choice. Also, the subscribers can pick and choose the data connectivity package of their choice. For example, a person running a parking service can choose low-speed and low-power consuming data connectivity type. And, a client running telematics for monitoring vehicles can opt for high-speed and low-latency connectivity solutions.

Complete Scalability for Fulfilling Future Requirements

IoT as a technology is still in its infancy. It is expected to grow considerably in the coming years. For MNOs or MVNOs to grow their business according to the expansion of their IoT platform, it is essential to employ the services of a completely scalable IoT services provider.

At Telgoo5, we are committed to our customers. We constantly keep on innovating and develop new functionalities to support new requirements. We, as an Internet of Things connectivity provider, offer a multi-tenant platform that can support large number of users concurrently. Our IoT platform is completely scalable and ready to meet your every need.

A Dependable IoT Platform with 24/7 Support

We follow all the FCC rules to the tee and ensure that our IoT platform is always aligned with the latest rulings by the commission. We do our very best to ensure that our partners never have to worry about compliances and maintain their focus on core competencies.

As an internet of things connectivity provider, we understand that our partners may sometimes want to connect with us for resolving their doubts or fixing an issue. To make sure that you always stay tension-free and your work never stops due to any technical snag, we run a 24/7 customer support department. Our agents are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of our IoT platform and are very patient while listening to the concerns of callers. They always use a step-by-step approach to find, analyze and resolve every issue.

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