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Evolve Quickly in the IoT Field with Secure IoT Data Connectivity

Secure IoT data connectivity is arguably going to be the biggest asset for anyone planning to implement IoT technology in a business model. Given the current state of Big Data analytics and network infrastructure, there are numerous opportunities to exploit. But all the good work can go out of the window if the IoT connectivity provider does not encrypt the IoT devices and data transmissions.

Common Steps for Protecting IoT Devices and Sensors

IoT is particularly vulnerable to security breaches because the IoT devices operate autonomously without direct user supervision. The basic foundation of IoT is laid on the principle that every device should be able to operate on its own and make decision on its own. Therefore, there is a need to implement basic IoT security, which should actually start from the very beginning of the IoT design phase. Apart from that, below are some common steps that can be taken for IoT security:

  • Data access of IoT devices should be minimized. Less access means less probability of hack attempts.
  • IoT data use by the company should be transparent. Customers should be provided a clear notice on how the data will be utilized.
  • IoT data connectivity should be well encrypted by the internet of things connectivity provider
  • A unique public IP address for every IoT connection should be provided

Leveraging Secure IoT Connection for Best Business Impact

Once you have the security aspect of your IoT business use case sorted out, you can be as creative as you want. IoT presents numerous opportunities to business owners, in terms of innovation. Right now, IoT is already is incorporated into a wide range of industries e.g., healthcare, retail, manufacturing, insurance etc.

Another important aspect of IoT data connectivity is its versatility. Depending on a unique IoT use case, you need to have the most appropriate connectivity solution. This is required to maximize the impact of a use case and at the same time optimize costing.

For example, you need low-speed connectivity solutions if sensor discharge is an issue. In a car park, if you have multiple IoT sensors deployed, which are radiating signals simultaneously. Then you might end up charging each and every sensor repeatedly. This can undermine the cost-effectiveness.

But a low power consuming solution like SigFox allows for slower sensor discharge, but still maintains the requisite IoT data connection.

At Secure IoT Services, we provide a range of IoT connectivity options that can be used for improving IoT-powered business models.

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