How IoT Solutions & Services Can Help Cut down Number of Road Accidents?

As traffic on the roads increases with each passing day, the risk of accidents has become a cause for concern. Such is the nature of driving that even the safest of drivers fear for their lives. In this gloomy scenario, IoT solutions and services have emerged as a possible remedy for reducing the driving risks.

Telematics: The One-Stop Shop for Driving Data

A telematics device connected to the Internet is an IoT device that can be used for collecting and transferring data to a remote server. This device captures the data of an automobile, which ranges from speed, distance traveled, time of the day and the rate of acceleration and deceleration. When zillions of bytes of such data is captured and analyzed, it gives useful insights about driving habits.

After knowing the driving habits of a person, it is possible to address safety issues. Either the driver can use this data for self-analysis and learn from it or concerned parties like the traffic board can use it to take necessary remedial actions against a risky driver. It is also possible for car insurance companies to raise the premium for drivers who do not practice safe driving.

What an IoT Services Company Should Do?

As human life is extremely valuable, eliminating risks that can take a human life should be eliminated. IoT solutions like telematics provide a sure-shot way of reducing these risks. Hence, it becomes a responsibility of an IoT services company to promote such groundbreaking and pro-human rules.

Right now, the challenge in enforcing this IoT solution is the hesitation people have in sharing their driving information. People believe that once such information goes to the cloud, it goes out of their hands. However, with the formation of the General Data Protection Regulation (in Europe), which allows the people to access share or delete their information as per their will, there is a chance that more and more people would be willing to share their driving information. There is a possibility that more such laws and regulations will be created around the globe to encourage people to share their data. If this happens, then the onus lies on IoT Services Company to develop and promote more products like Telematics to enhance road safety for everyone.


Even in its early stage, IoT has impacted many spheres of life. IoT solutions and services have made life convenient for people in a number of ways. However, it hasn’t really being utilized to its full potential when it comes to road safety. With the inception of the General Data Protection Regulation (in Europe) and the possibility of many such rules following suite, it is high time to advocate its use for making driving safe.

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