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Get an All-Round IoT Platform for Maximum Revenue Generation for your MVNO

Internet of Things (IoT) as a technology has transformative power. It is automating devices and simplifying human life and industrial operations. For an MVNO, IoT is a very useful technology that can serve as a catalyst to business success. However, as an MVNO is pitted against major telecom operators, it needs to be creative with its IoT offerings. To sustain a successful operation, it needs to grow in multiple verticals, primarily IoT data and IoT billing.

Building a Successful Monetization Platform for IoT Data

IoT data is probably the most important aspect of IoT apart from IoT development i.e., coding of IoT sensors and devices. An IoT MVNO needs to be flexible with its monetization strategy, especially when it comes to IoT data.

Multiple IoT connectivity solutions are needed for powering different IoT businesses. Almost every type of connectivity has a best-fit scenario. For example, low-speed connectivity solutions that consume less power e.g. LoRA are preferred over high-speed connectivity solutions, especially in scenarios where battery life and battery discharge are major issues.

In some case, there is a need for higher reliability of connection, regardless of the speed. As 5G connectivity becomes more and more accessible to users with each passing day, the IoT connectivity solutions need to incorporate different types of 5G connectivity options as they are the best in terms of mobile connectivity.

But the main challenge lies in monetization, and it is essential that an MVNO operator has the best IoT billing platform like the one provided by Secure IoT Services. A real-time charging system is required for charging vast amount of IoT transactions in real-time. Even more importantly, there is a need for revenue assurance at every step, so that the customers get exactly what they paid for.

The Value of Security in IoT

Every single effort of an IoT MVNO would go to waste, if the security of IoT sensors and devices is not up to the mark. IoT data security is a key element as it prevents unauthorized access by hackers. Any successful breach of IoT data network can prove hugely debilitating as it can lose you the trust of subscribers.

To keep customers’ onboard and provide them with suitable IoT services, you need to extra careful about security. In this regard, Secure IoT Services is probably the best vendor available.

At Secure IoT Services, we offer high-quality data connectivity along with completely dependable billing solutions for MVNOs, MNOs, MVNEs and MVNAs. We have a track record of success, and we ensure the highest level of security in every IoT endeavor.

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