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Gain First-Mover Advantage with Turnkey IoT Data Connectivity Solutions

IoT implementation is a very complex task. It requires greater mastery in B/OSS and telecom billing side of operations, and at the same time there is an urgent need for protected IoT data connectivity. For MVNOs, IoT can be a hard nut to crack, especially if they don’t have a platform that is agile and totally secure. The time spent in contemplating about new service plans can give you sleepless nights, but at the same time delay service launch. Over the past few years, it has been seen that first adopters have an instant advantage. Those who bring their telecom offerings quickly to the market and deliver as per SLA are always in a better position to acquire new customers.

Attract Customers Fast with Relevant IoT Offerings

IoT is immense. It has unforeseen requirements and unimaginable implementations in various disciplines. Data connectivity solutions play a key role in attracting new customers. Alongside that, security is also very important. So, if you can offer what the customer needs and package the offerings in attractive plans, you have a good chance of finding new customers.

For telecom operators such as MVNOs, it is crucial that their IoT service delivery strategy is spot on. If they are providing multiple services, IoT should be easily added to the service catalog. The best approach is to offer consolidated billing for all services i.e., use convergent charging solutions for billing. A real-time OCS system allows you to charge vast number of IoT transactions in real-time and ensure complete accuracy in billing.

Providing relevant service packages to customers from different demographics and financial power is essential for maximizing outreach. Secure IoT Services is a highly dependable and proven platform that fulfils each requirement of modern-day telecom operators. It supplies high-speed IoT Data, performs IoT billing and does everything while maintaining the highest level of security at every level.

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Salient Features of Secure IoT Services

Below are some salient features of Secure IoT Services, which make it the perfect platform for progressive telecom operators:

• Unique public IP address for every IoT connection to maximize security
• Event-driven APIs
• Integrated with all the popular payment gateways
• Built to scale as per clients’ requirements
• More than 1000 simultaneous logins for the customers
• Over 1 million subscribers already in the database
• Data speed throttling to prevent excessive data consumption
• Whitelisting of IP addresses
• Monitoring of usage in real-time and reporting of every single piece of data

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