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Conserve Energy to Make Industrial Ops Better with IoT and M2M Connectivity

IoT is considered as a breakthrough technology, but it can only rise and shine if it is powered by an appropriate platform. There are many things that go on to make an IoT use case successful. The most basic requirement is M2M connectivity, but there is a need for infrastructure, IoT development solutions, hardware, networking resources etc.

How IoT and M2M Connectivity Help Save Energy?

The automation of operations that can be performed via IoT and M2M connectivity makes it an asset for various industries. In scenarios, where there is a need to control temperature or power of resources according to the requirement, IoT can be extremely efficient. IIoT also known as industrial IoT, has already proven useful in a range of industries including healthcare and retail. But its benefits can be extended to industries where there is a real-time monitoring of energy sources.

An IoT sensor like a thermostat can be used to monitor the temperature at all times. The same way, many other IoT sensors can be used that monitor pH level and other important attributes of stored goods. With the right type of M2M connectivity, the information can be relayed to the server. Depending on the condition of products, the values of various environmental factors can be controlled. The IoT development can be done in such a way that it optimizes the whole process. So, there is never a situation where an iota of extra energy is used. It is a great way to conserve energy.

Appropriate M2M Connectivity for Bringing Down Cost of Energy

In a different scenario, where there is a need for sensors to operate at low power, you need M2M connectivity solutions like LoRA and SigFox. For example, if you only want to relay a few MBs throughout the day, then high-speed link between IoT sensors and cloud will be wasted. Not only it will waste precious bandwidth, it would also cause the sensors to discharge quickly.

Important Attributes of M2M Connectivity

If you want to source M2M connectivity from a Machine to Machine connectivity provider, there are a few attributes that you need to keep in mind:

Security of M2M connectivity

The Machine to Machine connectivity provider should ensure strong encryption of transmission and high-end protection of IoT sensors and devices.

Variety of M2M connectivity solutions

There are different types of M2M connectivity solutions that are needed for different types of IoT use cases. This is why, you need a vendor that can provide versatile solutions for different scenarios.

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