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Achieve Quick Progress by Offering Bespoke MVNO Mobile Services

Bespoke services are those services that are designed or packaged as per user requirements. From apparel industry to furniture industry, bespoke products remain popular amongst consumers. Telecom business is no different. Customers of today do want their services to be packaged exactly as they want. MVNO mobile service providers can instantly give a lift to their business prospects if they can manage to offer bespoke service packages.

Harnessing the Power of Real Time Charging and Cutting-Edge B/OSS Platforms

To be able to offer bespoke services, MVNO requires a real time charging platform. Mostly, an OCS (Online Charging System) is used by successful telecom companies for empowering their monetization strategies and billing. Along with OCS, you need a B/OSS platform that can readily receive orders, provision resources and expedite service delivery. An integrated platform with a simple interface and dashboard allows telcos to control their service delivery and billing functions. Companies like Telgoo5 are proficient in this domain, and can help MVNO/MVNE to fulfill their technical requirements with respect to their operations. Have a look at some features of a cutting-edge telecom support platform:

Convergence in billing

Whether it is about creating attractive bundles by stacking different services for a subscriber plan or enforcing credit limits, an OCS can be of great help. It serves as a one-stop solution for charging each and every service. As they are all charged and rated at one place, it becomes simpler to create itemized invoices with every service charge mentioned on a single bill. As an OCS charges services in real-time, it can instantly tell you when a customer is about to exceed his allotted quota. Hence, either the data speed is throttled automatically or customer gets a notification about additional charges if he continues to use the service after the quota has exhausted.

Quicker service provisioning and customer eligibility checks

A cutting-edge OSS allows MVNO mobile to procure the services as soon as a request is made by the subscribers. There is very little delay in service provisioning, which is very important in today’s patience-less world. Also, a tried and tested telecom support platform like Telgoo5 comes with functionalities like eligibility criteria check, duplicate records check and other security features to keep your MVNO operations flawless.

APIs for adding new functionalities

An MVNO does not have the financial clout to constantly overhaul its billing and B/OSS platform, so it needs a system that can be amended to fulfill new requirements. With Telgoo5’s plug and play APIs, it becomes possible for MVNOs to add new functionalities. For example, a payment gateway can be added to receive payments from customers. Or, a new shipping vendor can be chosen for delivering IoT SIMs. There is no need for getting into new partnerships, as every vendor is integrated into the system. All you have to do is install the APIs and you are ready to use new services.

Thorough reporting

In the extremely competitive telecom industry of today, you cannot survive without analyzing your work. With Telgoo5, you get access to comprehensive reporting. You are allotted a slave server that is updated directly via a master server. So, you always get every update about your subscribers like what are their common roaming areas, which plans they like etc.

Telgoo5 is driven by a passion for the telecom industry. We have already delivered many successful projects and our real time charging platform is coveted by the MVNOs across the globe. Our systems let you simplify your MVNO operations, create attractive service bundles for your subscribers and launch your services quicker than your competitors. Telgoo5 also offers 24×7 support to its clients, so they can reach us any time they face an issue.

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