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Take a Leap towards IoT with Cutting-Edge Machine to Machine Connectivity Solutions

These days the internet is not just confined to computers.

There’s a whole new world of activity related to IOT, or the internet of things. With more and more devices being powered up and connected to the internet, there are more opportunities to integrate technologies using M2M, which is better known as machine to machine connectivity. Machine to machine transactions are completely changing the game, and Telgoo5 is at the forefront of this new innovation with sophisticated infrastructure and IOT systems that are maximizing the technology and using it to help your telecom business.

If you are an MVNO or MNO that needs a proper infrastructure to thrive in the competitive telecom business, Telgoo5 has you covered. Not only is our software totally secure, completely intuitive, and specifically built to scale with your company, it’s also on the cutting edge of technology. When it comes to M2M and IoT, we are one of the pioneers in the industry. Many technology-forward companies in the telecom industry trust Telgoo5 because we are flexible enough to allow them to scale, and offer customized packages to suit any and every business.

Our software is specifically designed to track IOT transactions with complete accuracy. It’s also built to bill IOT transactions and soft and ingest data based upon the rules that you set up. Since so much data is flowing through M2M transactions, it can get really overwhelming if you don’t have a plan in place for how to deal with it. Telgoo5 has anticipated that problem and set up systems that allow data to be sorted and maintained for reference. We control the flow of data based upon what your company needs to do and allow the rules to be guided by your preferences. Each one of our clients has different custom billing and data flows, and we are able to maintain them all with our sophisticated OSS and BSS systems.

The telecom industry is on the cutting edge of technology and is basically built completely on M2M technology, so it’s important that our operating system is easy to use and completely intuitive. At Telgoo5 we pride ourselves on not only having systems in place to facilitate M2M transactions on the IOT but also to be able to read the data and use it to better streamline the processes. Your end customers expect stellar service from their providers, and since it’s so competitive out there it’s imperative to not let them down.

Telgoo5’s billing system is in a class all of its own and can track and bill transactions that occur over the IOT. Too often there is far too much guesswork involved in billing for items on the internet of things. You have to have sophisticated tracking software to be able to do it effectively. That’s where Telgoo5 comes in. Our billing system is cloud-based and intuitive. Plus, it’s totally scalable and tracks each and every transaction that comes through. The information is easily retrieved on the cloud and can be referenced in a matter of seconds. All billing is prompt, accurate and broken down so your end customers see exactly what they are paying for.

One of the biggest complaints that MVNOs and MNOs face is that their billing is not comprehensive enough, or it’s confusing to look at. Telgoo5’s system eliminates those concerns and gives your end customers the white-glove treatment that they crave from their provider.

Combining and tracking all M2M and IOT transactions is not an easy feat, but with Telgoo5’s unique, scalable and flexible OSS and BSS, it’s possible to see all of them with complete accuracy, leading to a greater end-user experience.


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