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Empower Emerging IoT Business with Consistent IoT Data Connectivity

As user preference for automation hits a new high, the proliferation of IoT devices is only going to increase in the near future. An estimated 80 zettabytes of data is expected to be produced by nearly 42 billion devices added to the IoT network by the year 2025. A myriad of IoT transactions are expected to bombard the servers located across the globe. Therefore, management of IoT platform is only going to become more complex in the coming times. Hence, every smart telecom operator is looking for a capable partner that can manage the IoT platform and make its work easier. This is where an IoT services provider comes into the picture.

The Importance of a Competent IoT Services Provider

Although an IoT services provider is needed by telcos, it should have certain credentials for its services to be effective. Below are some desired functionalities of a competent IoT services provider, which can make all the difference in your IoT success:

  1. Consistent and low-latency connectivity

    IoT data connectivity needs to be consistent for it to be effective. Low latency is also very important in many IoT use cases where you cannot afford any delay. For example, in an auto-drive scenario where the elements of an automobile need to respond in real-time to the instructions from the server, any delay in data sent from the server to the sensor may cause an accident. There are scenarios where you require high speed data connectivity for sending across large volumes of information and they are situations where you need to maintain a slow data rate to prevent quick sensor discharge. Therefore, you should always select a vendor based on the suitability of its services for your particular business use case.

  2. Real-time usage monitoring

    IoT transactions take place in real-time; which is why, you require a real-time OCS for monitoring them. Always look for a vendor that not only offers consistent IoT data connectivity but also has an OCS that can charge services based on the length of sessions. Make sure that the OCS meets 3GPP technical specifications to prevent revenue leakage

  3. APIs for different business use cases

    As your business operations change over time, you need to add new functionalities in your telecom solutions to meet the new requirements. This task is made simpler by partnering with a competent telecom services provider that builds APIs for different business use cases. APIs can help you in many scenarios e.g. if you wish to distribute your IOT SIM cards and do not have a partnership in place, you can use the APIs offered by the telecom services provider. Or, if you do not have a payment gateway to receive payments from your subscribers, you can simply add another API that is directly linked with MASTERCARD or VISA services. Such an IoT services provider will eliminate the need for starting new partnerships. Also, you would not require any amendment or overhaul for your telecom software, which will save you a lot of money.

  4. Analytics and reporting

    For effective communication of IoT services, a telecom operator needs to have access to all the data. This data can be used for deriving insights by putting it through AI software. But when you partner with a competent IoT services provider like SecureIoTServices, you get analytics embedded into the provided software. Also, you get access to your very own slave database that is updated by a master database housed by the partner.

  5. Security

    With so much information transferred between sensors and servers, there is a high likelihood of data breach if the security is not up to scratch. Therefore, you should keep security as your top priority and only partner with a quality vendor that is sensitive towards the security of its clients’ data. SecureIoTServices employs security parameters better than anyone else in the business by providing its clients’ unique public IP, robust encryption and timely security updates.

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